Nicole Jurovics

nicoleNicole has been practicing yoga regularly since 1999, when she discovered Bikram’s beginning yoga series. With a background in gymnastics, she had natural flexibility but lacked strength and stamina. The heated room, group energy and challenging series quickly brought her an internal awareness of her physical and personal potential.

Over the next five years, she sampled many yoga styles and studios, and found that every class offered her a different opportunity and challenge.

In 2004 she completed Yoga Teacher Training with Peachtree Yoga Center and has been teaching consistently ever since. She loves learning from other teachers and endeavors to stitch her own practical knowledge and personal imagery into each class.

Especially appreciative of a Slow-Flow Vinyasa style, she encourages a balance of softness and intensity that aims to enlighten new students and challenge the longtime practitioner.

Nicole is the Co-Director of the Southeast Yoga Conference: